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what difference between zoom and sell

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I have no sell any images over the last 3 month but my zoom is 33. I can not properly understand what difference between zoom and sell as well as CTR.  IS zoom is my future sell? Could you please tell me and how I can increase my sell. Many Thanks 

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Hello. No, zooms do not equal sells. A zoom means that someone has zoomed your image to look at it more closely. That’s all. People generally find that only a small percentage of zooms may turn into a sell. And, images can be sold without having any record of a zoom. CTR is explained on your dashboard. It’s a measure of searches versus zooms. Searches are the number of your images that have shown up on a page when someone uses a particular search term. It’s best understood if you try using the website yourself to find something,

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Thank you Sally - are you also able to inform me / others how you can search online to see if any of your Alamy pix have been used ? - similar to the June 2018 updates etc ... kind regards

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