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Putting Smart Object back into ACR (or LR) once opened in PS

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For years I have always opened my images in ACR, selected images, done all the general adjustments then opened all the images in PS as smart objects.


Then when I go to each individual image I could double click on the image layer and it would pop back in to ACR and I would do my custom adjustments there.  I know there is the ACR filter now, but those adjustments aren't saved to the xmp file.


Now instead opening as a direct smart object, it opens as a background layer with the smart object filter attached.  I can no longer take the image back in to ACR.


The first image I did did have a right click option of "edit contents" that did take me back to ACR.  But that was only once.  Now I can no longer pop in and out of ACR like I have been doing for about 8 years.  Anyone else have this issu with the new updates and found a workaround? Have hunted online but can't find anything.



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