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Hello from Norfolk UK


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Hello there fellow contributors,


The name is Gareth, and I live in Norfolk UK.


Been lingering around the site for some time now and thought I'd take the plunge and submit my first three for QC yesterday, which all thankfully passed....(phew!)


A little about myself:

I have dabbled with photography for a number of years, but only really started to take it seriously a couple of years ago.

I'm a Canon shooter - 7D and 7D mkII with a handful of Sigma lenses (17-50mm f2.8 / 105mm f2.8 macro / 150-600mm 'c') - nothing groundbreaking....well the 150-600mm is backbreaking however! :D

I'm not a pro ,I  just love photography for the fun of it, and this is my first venture into the world of stock photography....but don't feel you have to be gentle....I can take it!! ;)

I mainly shoot wildlife in my local area - wildlife reserves etc. - and more recently begun trying some different techniques - architecture/flash/still life etc.


Such a lot to learn, and I'm looking forward to meeting some of the great folks here and picking some of the huge brains for tips/tricks and advice!


Thanks for taking the time to read this, and thanks Alamy for the super quick QC....around 12 hours!


See you around the forums folks. :)


Best regards







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Gonna leave me hanging here...?








Do I smell or something? (Sniffs armpits)....hmm, nevermind....as you were, I'll just hop in the shower!



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