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Germany VG Bild - less money for stock photographers

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German photographers - be aware of VG Bild change of distribution rules. This week I received a big envelope from the VG Bild, german organization that claims royalty payments for secondary uses of photography. The change for 'private digital copy' will lead to less (zero ?)  income for stock photographers. Until noe, the presence in the web triggered the payout a photographer receiced. Photographers just reported any web presence showing their pictures, report was limited to 100 pictures per web site. Beeing present on a couple of picture agencies lead to a reasonable payout. Change: pictures on photo agency web pages dont count any longer. Thats strange, as the distribution schema shall cover private digital copy.

There is an initiative of the BBK Berlin (Artist group) that tries to stop this - I recommend to check their web page at http://www.bbk-berlin.de/con/bbk/front_content.php?idart=5033&refId=199 and the initiative  http://www.ich-krieg-weniger.de/ ('I receive less'). At the top of the web page two links explain 'why you receive less' and 'for what you receive less'.

I recommend everey VG Bild member to check this as soon as possible, share with collegues. Final decision will be made on public VG members meeting July 28th, where this needs to be accepted. You can either vote electronically, in person, or transfer your vote to a collegue or selected organizations.


I will transfer my vote to the BBK Berlin Initiatve, as this change ignores stock photographers position completely, in favor of photographers who are present in other media (customer websites, exhibitions, print).

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