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  1. Hi, I used the color filters 'tonal contrast' and 'detail extractor/enhancer' years ago with good results. Stopped the usage for multiple reasons (crashes while saving, additional steps and file duplication to Tiff). I found the free old version from the time when Google had taken over in a german PC magazine, download section, and, unexpected, works without any issues with Win 10 Pro, I can select any module in LR for processing, no crashes while saving any more. Ok, question: have there been major improvements to the color module/filter results in the DXO version ? And, second question: are there any scripting options to execute steps in batch, like in PS ? Open in Nik, use a defined filter version/setting, rename, save ? regards, Andreas
  2. Looks like standard subjects sell ..... low $$$ Worldwide Usage: Editorial Media: Book, print and/or e-book Print run: up to 100,000 Placement: Inside Image Size: 1/4 page Start: 16 September 2020 End: 16 September 2025
  3. Often photographed, second sale of this subject. Presentation use in this case.
  4. I can give an update on this - Alamy took care and checked with the bank, it was an error by the bank. They used WIRE instead of SEPA, the latter still without charges. Alamy was customer oriented and booked 23 USD on my account to cover my loss. I appreciate that contributor service picked up my questions and arguments.
  5. I received the payment on Consorsbank. And they state they didnt receive a SEPA transfer, which, according to my info, should be possible in 2020 transition period. The combination of less sales, higher Alamy comission on non-exclusive and fees like this are not really motivating.
  6. -- my original post got deleted without notification, probably too many trolls hijacking the topic. Strange anyway - freedom of speech ...? Hi, I received a payout on February 6th, and, same day, a fee of 19,95 Eur was charged by my german bank. My suspicion was true - Brexit fee, as GB is no longer in the EU my bank charges this amount for any transaction outside EU/in foreign currency. In detail: my bank told me the transfer method of Alamy was changed from SEPA, the free transfer method inside EU, to SWIFT. Alamy contributor service told me they didnt change anything and I'm the only contributor who reported this issue. Well, I asked contributor service to check if the bank modified the transfer method. Question: anybody else in the European community , ex-UK, who was charged with an additional/new fee for the Alamy payout ? Comments welcome - subject related only, please. Discuss your opinion on Brexit elsewhere .... and for question regarding SEPA and SWIFT .... google is your friend.
  7. "Nobody has the intention to build a wall". Walter Ulbricht, leader of the German Democratic Republic,1961. Two month later the wall that divided Germany for 28 years was built. Lets see how plans will change - I expect a commission cut, pressure on conditions like force to exclusivity.
  8. Having uploaded some pictures today I noticed a duplicate - and I could delete it from the upload, prior to QC. Did I miss any announcement ? Hope its not a test only. Andreas
  9. I exluded PU sale, cant stop this high-res for nearly nothing ($). This seldom visited fjord is not a favorite for presentations. Country: Worldwide Usage: Presentation or newsletters, Verwendung in einer Präsentation/einem Vortrag (z. B. Powerpoint und Keynote) oder in einem Newsletter. Start: 08 December 2019 End: 08 December 2024
  10. I bought a M2P in spring this year, no issues to pass QC. I use 100 Iso, aperture between 4 - 5.6, raw. I'm really impressed how much you get for the money - pretty sharp, good software, 100 m tripod included. Much fun to take pictures - no sales yet.
  11. My wish, joining others here: sell RF by size/resolution, like most other agencies do limit size to e.g. 1200 px long side for PU & presentation - currently its invitation for misuse. Andreas
  12. Just a note regarding the effort to filter out the exclusives: Alamy has all my selected pictures, other agencies have less as they edit my offer as needed. I used the Alamy .csv file as basis in Excel, using the VLOOKUP formula to check which files dont exist in a list I requested from my other agencies (copied into 2. Excel tab). And then I mailed Alamy contributor service the filtered Excel list of the exclusive ones - done next day.
  13. I vote for limited pixel size. And yes, definitely extend the limit to presentations. Currently I opted out for PU and would do same for presentations if possible.
  14. Alex, I had picked up an older discussion some days ago, check https://discussion.alamy.com/topic/7905-exclusivity-inquiry-trade-bookscover/ for more feedback of others. Andreas
  15. Thanks for all your notes, will check DaVinci. Would prefer if Alamy sells footage as well... Andreas
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