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  1. 01 June 2021 to 12 June 2021 ( 3 item(s) totalling $12.09 ) Positive results means greater zero, right ?
  2. Send my mail, error: "contributors@alamy.com The recipient's mailbox is full and can't accept messages now."
  3. Regarding the move of liabilities to the photographer: It is usually the job of the agency to check if a photograph has all releases/has limited selling options, they should have specialists to identify any legal issues, they need to inspect what we deliver. Common phenomen is that Microstock agencies reject pics if logos are not removed. That is, beside hosting & marketing, why they take a share of 60%. Alamy struggles to do its job - giving High Res for nothing (presentations), accepting tons of s..t pics, accepting obvious wrong/spammed keywords, mediocre search algorythm....
  4. Hi Alamy, the opening thread by you states: "We'll be reading all responses and will respond where possible to clarify any questions as regularly as possible. " Will you please step in and answer the multiple questions around liabilities of the contributor (chapter 4) , exclusivity and others ? regards, Andreas
  5. "Nobody has the intention to build a wall" ( east german democratic leader Walter Ulbricht, 15. June 1961). Was valid for less then two month (13. August 1061).
  6. Definitely worth to read, thanks. Whats not fair (I would expect some fairness in business): Alamy forced lot of contributors to review and flag images as exclusive, reasonable approach. Now these efforts are just wiped away with a contract change because some contributors did not handle this correct. Well, lets stop all car traffic as some dont follow the rules. Apparently, Alamy owners simply wants more profit - but instead of raising the quality (removing millions of scrappy pics, add a basic content review on uploaded pics, stop selling high res for nothing as 'presentati
  7. I switched from Nikon (D800/D300) to Olympus in 2014. The advantages of DSLM are pretty apparent - less mechanical parts, true live view, IBIS (very useful). While the quality of Olympus is pretty good and cameras offer nice features like stacking, live composite/live bulb I would not recommend it today, as the future is at risk, imaging business sold to a new OMDS company, and developement on camera side stopped in 2017. Looking at the shrinking camera market today I would only buy either Sony, Canon or probably Fuji, high chance they are in business in 10 years as well.
  8. I never had a QC issue with files of the M2Pro. With the Mini 2 I will used stitched images.
  9. Hi, you refer to my typo angles/angels, or anything else that sounds strange ? Btw, low flying angels might get covered
  10. I have couple of drone images on sales, dont sell well, started now with an agency specialized on aerial/drone. Financially its not worth the effort, but fun factor is high, finding new angels of common subjects. In the EU we have common rules now that make it easier to fly - but restrictions e.g. in Germany continue, not in nature protected areas, 150 m from people, 100 from railway, highway. The new DJI mini 2 might be a good option to start, with a weight < 250 g you are less limited. I plan to buy one in addition to my Mavic 2 Pro.
  11. Question to ranking/display algorithm: - why does Alamy alway return nearly the same search results for a given phrase ? If I looked 2 month ago or now, results look pretty much the same. Means a buyer alway just sees the same pages. Other agencies reshuffel the results to give better chances to new contibutors/new pics, and more variety for the customer. - Whats the impact of Brexit for contributors in the European community ?
  12. Why does Alamy sell High Res for nearly nothing ? Presentations never need 20 MP or more. Why cant we opt out of presentation under these circumstances ? Will Alamy add some usefull restrictions to uploads ? Some contributors upload tons of similars messing up search and user experience. Any change to expect for non-GB contributors after a hard Brexit ?
  13. I received the mail as well, and looks like most people didnt read the important sentences at the end. "This will significantly boost your sales " is the key message. Alamy knows whats good for me and you. Like good parents. I just wonder which new gear I'll buy next year, a fullframe Sony probably, couple of lenses. But - sorry, sentence above is not complete ....... " This will significantly boost your sales potential "
  14. Hi, I used the color filters 'tonal contrast' and 'detail extractor/enhancer' years ago with good results. Stopped the usage for multiple reasons (crashes while saving, additional steps and file duplication to Tiff). I found the free old version from the time when Google had taken over in a german PC magazine, download section, and, unexpected, works without any issues with Win 10 Pro, I can select any module in LR for processing, no crashes while saving any more. Ok, question: have there been major improvements to the color module/filter results in the DXO version ? And,
  15. Looks like standard subjects sell ..... low $$$ Worldwide Usage: Editorial Media: Book, print and/or e-book Print run: up to 100,000 Placement: Inside Image Size: 1/4 page Start: 16 September 2020 End: 16 September 2025
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