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  1. I exluded PU sale, cant stop this high-res for nearly nothing ($). This seldom visited fjord is not a favorite for presentations. Country: Worldwide Usage: Presentation or newsletters, Verwendung in einer Präsentation/einem Vortrag (z. B. Powerpoint und Keynote) oder in einem Newsletter. Start: 08 December 2019 End: 08 December 2024
  2. I bought a M2P in spring this year, no issues to pass QC. I use 100 Iso, aperture between 4 - 5.6, raw. I'm really impressed how much you get for the money - pretty sharp, good software, 100 m tripod included. Much fun to take pictures - no sales yet.
  3. My wish, joining others here: sell RF by size/resolution, like most other agencies do limit size to e.g. 1200 px long side for PU & presentation - currently its invitation for misuse. Andreas
  4. Just a note regarding the effort to filter out the exclusives: Alamy has all my selected pictures, other agencies have less as they edit my offer as needed. I used the Alamy .csv file as basis in Excel, using the VLOOKUP formula to check which files dont exist in a list I requested from my other agencies (copied into 2. Excel tab). And then I mailed Alamy contributor service the filtered Excel list of the exclusive ones - done next day.
  5. I vote for limited pixel size. And yes, definitely extend the limit to presentations. Currently I opted out for PU and would do same for presentations if possible.
  6. Alex, I had picked up an older discussion some days ago, check https://discussion.alamy.com/topic/7905-exclusivity-inquiry-trade-bookscover/ for more feedback of others. Andreas
  7. Thanks for all your notes, will check DaVinci. Would prefer if Alamy sells footage as well... Andreas
  8. I checked the material at some agencies and wonder if its difficult to create this type of footage - except some test shots I never used the video option of my Olympus M1II. I do mostly travel/landscape. Do I miss something if I - use 4k/30 fps - WB, shutter, focus all manual - use tripod, or utilize the pretty good camera stabilization - is an ND filter needed/do I need longer shutter speed (fps *2) for subjects like waterfalls, scenic view, coast seen from ferry ? - is it sufficient to use Adobe premiere elements or MAGIX plus ? Adobe has a kind of dehaze function which looks useful for landscape. Looks like most clips are just developed & cut, no sound needed. Output in H.264 seems to be common. There exists a large agency that pay 50 % to the contributor, contributor may define price himself (sounds strange, doesnt it ?? -) Might be worth to spend some time on this, sales prices are reasonable, question how good footage sells. Any useful tips welcome - Andreas
  9. Use for display signage at Zoo, for life of display; use in context publication and pdf online magazine Higher $$ https://www.alamy.com/image-details-popup.asp?Imageid=9C6834B0-0D6A-42EA-A8D1-33F56B460511 Not sure why insert other media -> 'insert image from URL does not work, no error message, just red filled box.
  10. The replies are as expected, but as the effort is low to block a picture at another agency I gave it a try. Would be nice if everybody who received similar mails shares the outcome, usually after 2 month decision should be made.
  11. I remembered that I had read something about these 950 $ inquiries, had one today. Reading this forum I dont expect much, but as its only one mail to another agency I give it a try. Anybody else here with this kind of inquiry ? Usage: Trade/Retail book coverDuration: 10 yearsTerritory: WorldwideExclusivity: Trade Books/Cover
  12. Looking around and spreading our pics is the only real option. To cancel Alamy is, at least to me, no real choice. There are pics that are hard to sell somewhere else. But, adding couple of hundred RF to the Tier1 and test the feedback for a year, as well as looking for specialized agencies and try if they accept - sure. Alamy may improve over time - Alamy has a lot of options to sell more, get rid of low-quality tons of duplicates, reject uploads with spam keywording and absolute meaningless content. Long term, like in other business areas, you either make money with volume or quality.
  13. I would go with the D750 - I had a D800, showed soft edges with the high-rated 14-24. Well shot pics e.g. with a 50 mm lens show amazing details, but for stock its overkill - I agree its fun to zoom & smile. - If you buy a used D800, test for left-focus-issues (my was out for 3 & another 5 weeks to get it fixed). - check DXO lens test, the perceived MP rating gives a good hint how your glass will perform. I went mirrorless completely (Olympus) - if you already own a Fuji, why not extend this system ? I enjoy the reduced weight and size of mirrorless, and quality of A3+ print is really good.
  14. Hi, I use LR CC, try to utilize the monitor of my win 10 laptop 14", plus a 22" Eizo. While I have no problem to change settings on the laptop and see changes on the Eizo (magnifier mode), I dont manage it to see the dust removal view on the larger monitor (the view where you mask the pic in black & white, dust spots get highlighted). I just see the normal/colored pic, if I change e.g. exposure I see the change. Hope I could describe my issue ... does anybody know how to achieve this ? regards, Andreas
  15. For those who have access to Abobe Bridge - adding keywords in Bridge does not change the sorting. I found this tip at https://www.alltageinesfotoproduzenten.de/2015/06/25/frag-den-fotograf-keywords-alphabetisch-sortieren-mit-adobe-lightroom/ (german site). The article includes two links where you can leave your modification wishes to Adobe. 1) https://feedback.photoshop.com/photoshop_family/topics/lightroom_keyword_re_ordering_is_a_huge_problem 2) http://dearadobe.com/gripes/lightroom/ But looks like Adobe is ignoring this long-existing requirement. regards, Andreas
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