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Editing on Surface Pro anyone?

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I'm just in the process of looking into a newer 'editing on the go' bit of kit, and was wondering if anyone has used the Surface Pro 4?


I'm looking at the 256gb 8gb i5 because they are starting to pop up within my budget. Anyones experience of something like this would be greatly appreciated.



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I don't use the Surface Pro although I have been looking at it as a potential future replacement - I favour something that will charge from a usb socket, saves carrying a heavy power brick and bulky mains lead. I currently use a Samsung ATIV Book 9 with 128GB SSD, 4GB ram, i3 and a high-res (3200 x1800px) screen; so not too dissimilar a spec or size. I do very little post-production  on it but I carry it for live-news submissions and travel blogging. In those cases I use out of camera jpegs (I shoot jpg+raw), I might do raw conversion if I get an important image wrong (or I might raw convert in camera). I do all my news and much of my travel captioning on the laptop (PhotoMechanic) but transfer the raws to my desk top for serious work. I could do it on the laptop (Capture 1 Pro, or in past Lightroom) but would want to add more memory and a larger screen for proper post-production. A small screen just slows post-processing productivity too much to be viable for me, so for volume stock or other work I would not rely on a small laptop.


On longer trips (rather than local news events) to ensure I have enough storage and backup I carry a USB 3 portable hard-drive (2TB, 2 or 3 if I am in a vehicle or) or a 128Gb memory stick for news day trips.

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Thanks for your response, decided to go for it and got the one with the i7 processor. It arrived today and so far very impressed with its speed compared to my old netbook. Also bought a USB hub to go with it that has a LAN connector, and an adapter for external displays.


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