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adding "optional information" - worth doing?

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i'm keywording images, and to be honest it's the first time i've got to grips with the new AIM properly, having had to take time off and let my current images until now earn "passively".


noticed the additional info under optional tab, is there any ranking / search benefit to including information in here?

im thinking it may be suitable to include info on the subject, eg say of a football game, including the attendances or the score / other info, or say of an aircraft its top speed or cruising height etc or passenger carrying number etc? kind of like ready made picture research for the user.


i'm used to doing that for images sold by myself, eg supply image and do the research on the subject or my most common images, i have a "pick from here" list of around a dozen or more common facts and in most cases the buyer chooses one or more and i get a slight uplift in prices for giving them a full ready made piece to print.

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I don't think that it is included in the search, so, from that point of view, not too useful.




It's not something I do for every photo, but  if I feel that some additional information might clarify detail and assist a client I'll provide it.   Can't hurt and might just help secure a sale.

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