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Alamy Measures: What are their total sales? (Newbie question)

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Newbie question:


I was looking at Alamy Measures, All of Alamy info to get an idea of what types of images are heavily searched.


For the last month or so, "dog," "london," and "black panther" are at the top of their list (this is the list for ALL ALAMY, not just mine, as I have not even uploaded any photos yet.)

But the Sales column for each of these shows as 0.  And all the other keywords have (what seems to me) ridiculously low sales given the apparently vibrant ecosystem that is Alamy.


What am I missing here?



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Firstly, the Sales column only contains sales which can be directly attributed to that particular search, in other words where the searcher has immediately gone on to buy a licence. In most cases, however, buyers will scout around and view lots of pics, and maybe only make up their mind later on. So many sales cannot be directly linked to a specific search.


Secondly, Alamy Measures only covers a subset of buyers - those that Alamy considers to be significant customers. So there will be many searches and sales made which will never feature in Measures. It's intended to be a guide, not a comprehensive record of activity.



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