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Hi everyone, 


After 5 years of light dabbling in selling work on Getty, I've decided to branch out and take stock photography a bit more seriously.


On Getty last year, the average sale price for the month was wildly different, ranging anywhere from pennies to $25 or so for the highest month. With around 150 images in my portfolio (I added a bunch mid-year) my total sales of just over $500 averaged out to about $2 or $2.50 per image for my entire portfolio.


I've just started a portfolio on Alamy this week (with a whopping 3 images so far!) and was wondering if I could ask some advice on what to expect and how to get the most out of the site as I start to submit more regularly.


Here are my questions:


How many images do you have in your entire catalog?

Do you have a sense of your average number of sales per month? 

Are your images listed as RM, RF or a mix of both?

Do you list them exclusively with Alamy (and if so, do you earn more if they are?)

What's to be expected for an average per image sale? (Judging by the conversation in the forum, it looks like somewhere between $30-$50 per sale. Does that seem about right?)


And finally, anything you know now about the submission process that you wish knew when you were just starting out?


Thanks everyone!

Brian Eden

Brooklyn, New York







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