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  1. This is such helpful info - thank you all so much for your answers (and apologies for the price quote faux pas - I'm new to this). Follow-up question for those of you who list photos both as RM and RF - how do you choose which ones to list as RM instead? Do you save that for photos you feel are higher quality? Or more niche topics? Or did you begin listing as RM and have transitioned to more RF over time?
  2. Thanks ReeRay! And good note on reading the forum - I just discovered it yesterday and have already learned a TON. Amazing how generous and helpful everyone is on here. Forgot to ask- if you choose to list an image exclusively with Alamy, do you earn higher commissions on it? Or does it get priority in search results? (Or both?) Thanks again!
  3. Ack - sorry for the double post of this topic. The first one didn't show up so I assumed it was removed because it mentioned a competing service. If an admin is reading this, feel free to delete one of these!
  4. I’m a new contributor to Alamy (with a whopping three images added so far!) and was looking for some advice as I start diving in more and creating a portfolio of images here. (Hopefully this information is useful to Alamy veterans too!) How many total images do you have in your library? About how many images do you sell on an average month? What’s the average sale price for your images? Do you list your images as RM, RF or a mix of both? Are your images exclusive to Alamy? And finally, what do you know now about the submission process tha
  5. Hi everyone, After 5 years of light dabbling in selling work on Getty, I've decided to branch out and take stock photography a bit more seriously. On Getty last year, the average sale price for the month was wildly different, ranging anywhere from pennies to $25 or so for the highest month. With around 150 images in my portfolio (I added a bunch mid-year) my total sales of just over $500 averaged out to about $2 or $2.50 per image for my entire portfolio. I've just started a portfolio on Alamy this week (with a whopping 3 images so far!) and was wondering i
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