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Canon EOS on Sony Mirrorless - cheap fix

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I've just taken delivery of a Commlite Canon to Sony E adapter. It comes at a fraction of the price of most of the alternatives, so I thought it would be worth a shot.


Despite reading some negative feedback about the construction and internal glare, it appears very well made and has a matt black interior.


It's a snug fit on my aged NEX 6, but very tight on the new a6500, so much so that I have not yet had the courage to attach it!. I have a similar problem with an old M42 adapter, fine on the NEX but very tight on the a6500.


Very early days, but it appears to work. I wanted to be able to adjust the aperture and I can do just that. It also has some limited auto focus capability, slow and with a degree of hunting, but I don't normally use AF, so that's OK by me. With the lens AF switched to manual I can achieve wonderful sharpness.


For the record I've tried the following lenses. Canon 24-105 f4, Canon 70-200 f4, Sigma 10-20, Sigma 100-300 f4. It was possible to adjust the aperture on all of them.


Won't suit everyone, but, for the money, a way to exploit your old EOS lenses on the Sony.

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