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Oh, my, I see what you mean. A black bear eating Indian rhubarb, but you don’t have the plant name in your tags. Then you find out the Latin (scientific name) of the rhubarb.  Then you have black bear as single tags when you should also have the phrase, “black bear”. Then you should have the phrase, “wild black bear.” Then you should have the scientific name for black bear.

Also, eating, foraging,eating Indian rhubarb,wild animal,bear,bears, then what part of Alaska.


In your caption, “wild black bear (scientific name) eating Indian rhubarb near (town) or southern Alaska, north Alaska, or something to give place. Alaska is a huge state.

You have a picture of a bird feeder but ignore the bird on it, that happens to be a Dark-eyed Junco, and supply the scientific name for it.

lots of luck. 


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