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On 10/10/2017 at 12:43, Michael_Jacobs said:




I realize that my description wasn't complete. I've only send a few batches to news...  didn't now they required lengthy descriptions. In the future if I send something to news I will.



1) this thread is about difference between whats news and what is not? 

2) if Alamy news decides that captions aren't sufficient shouldn't they ask for a correction?

3) and shouldn't they ask the contributor if they want to send it to stock QC?

1) Well, no.  It was about whether there was preference given by buyers to images originally supplied as stock, as opposed to images uploaded as live news, which subsequently became stock. Seems there is no perceived difference.

2) They certainly chase uploads without a worthwhile caption. If it doesn't contain enough info in the caption, they simply won't send it out to the pic desks.

3) If you don't add any keywords when you upload, they won't drop into stock - you can then delete them immediately if you wish.

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