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Odd situation with found image

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Just come across this reported usage from August of an image of ours.

However the image online on the Daily Mail's website  isn't  CW0RK2.


I've just done a Google image search for CW0RK2 and it appears on about 8 other news sites although I have no record of a recent sale.

Is it likely that the DM initially used our image and the other sites lifted it before it was changed to a different image? I can't think of any other explanation!



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I had a similar situation where I did an image search on a reported sale that came up with a number of blogs and other sites that don't pay for content, each  pointing back to one of the British dailies.


When I went to the newspaper site bloggers had cited as a source it showed a surveillance video. All I can imagine is that they used the stock photo initially, the bloggers stole it and then the newspaper replaced the photo once they were able to get the video.

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