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I know it's still only August, but taking a break from processing to look at booking some further trips this year whilst fares still low and am thinking I would like to do a short Winter City and Christmas Market trip.  Not done any of these before - what would be peoples recommendations for location?  


Quite fancy Vienna as I can get a flight from my local airport, London Southend.  A quick and dirty search on all Alamy for %Christmas Market% shows the following results:


Christmas Market - 36 searches.

Cologne, Bath, Prague, Strasbourg and Vienna all on 10 searches.  

Berlin and Birmingham on 8 searches.


Are there better alternatives for the time/fares for a December/January stock trip?  Does snow make a difference to winter city photo sales?





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I don't know if snow makes a difference (depends where the buyer is I guess) but atmosphere surely does.  Christmas decor would certainly be necessary and a litttle snow always helps.  If you are doing a market then snow probably wouldn't be that important as it would have been cleared away anyway. 



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