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Recently there has been some abuse of the personal message function and some rule breaking while using it. It therefore had become too much of a strain on resources to continue to be viable. Because of this we have decided to turn this feature off. 


To give you an idea of the type of things we're referring to, there were multiple instances but they included:

  • Users using the PM feature to arrange "tactics" to work against other users
  • PM's between members containing details of false rumors and generally whipping up untruths 
  • Poor, incorrect or misleading advice being given to other members from some users
  • Verbal abuse and name calling
  • In one case we saw a user talking about inflicting physical violence on someone should they see them in person
  • Promotion of other sites and services

This is not an exhaustive list but goes some way to explain the type of thing we cannot allow to continue. 


We want the forum to be a productive place for our contributors and we feel taking this step is best for all concerned. 


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