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Satellite Images

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I have seen a few satellite images from Landsat, MODIS, etc. on sale at Alamy. These images are taking by NASA satellites but need post-processing. So my question is what are the copyright issues here?
Are photographers allowed to upload post-processed satellite images?

Do you need an agreement with NASA? 

Are there any property release issues?


Many thanks.


One example: http://voices.nationalgeographic.org/2013/11/01/stronger-efforts-needed-to-reduce-nitrate-pollution-in-mississippi-river-basin/



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When selling on Alamy, you must be the person who took the images, or the official representative of the photographer who took the images.  Since you did not take these images yourself, and are not NASA's official representative, you shouldn't be uploading these images.  You could be setting yourself up for a lawsuit.



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Thanks Jill, good point.

It is not crystal clear, as NASA provides you with reflectance data in many bands and it is up to you to create a meaningful image.

What do you think of the potential lawsuit, geogphotos?

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Thanks geogphoto.

That makes sense. Copyright remains with the owner (NASA, ESA, etc) and photographers and Alamy simply facilitate access and post processing.

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