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If i google i only see 33,only got 117 because i was made homeless via a nasty divorce so had to sell up,just getting back on my feet when i was struck down with a spinal injury so ive been very hit and miss.

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7 hours ago, kay said:

Hi David

I have had a quick look and can see c117 images under your name, but only 33 images when I search for your name in Alamy - if this is what you are meaning, it's just because your name isn't tagged in all your images, so nothing to worry about.  

When you say 'a lot have poor visibility . . .'  do you mean the new 'poor discoverability' status?  If so, like you say, this is not something to be concerned about, as it relates purely to the number of keywords an image has, and too many keywords - especially if not completely relevant - can be counterproductive.  

Your images are definitely 'visible' though - I did a quick search for 'white rolls royce' and one of your images is on page 1 of 16 :) so I would just start uploading again as soon as you can

Good luck!


This made alot of sense.

Many thanks Kay.

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