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caption not taken from IPTC Headline

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using Photoshop CS6, I have been told to type the caption I want to see in Alamy out in the File>Info> IPTC Tab> IPTC Content>Headline area


I do so and save image and upload to Alamy, QC passed and in 'mandatory' the caption field is blank !


Where in photoshop does one enter the title so as to populate the caption area in Alamy ?





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I enter the caption under the Description tab -Description, Keywords, Copyright Status, and Copyright. Then I enter the Headline under the Origin Tab - Date Created, City, State, Country Headline. Once you enter info in these fields it should also appear under the IPTC tab. Oftentimes the location doesn't seem to transfer.


Last time I uploaded I noticed the caption and some keywords didn't transfer. I don't know if I missed one or if there was an error in AIM.



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