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Change license after upload?

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Trying to come to grips with the new image manager.  I have two pseudo's one for RF and one for RM.  The default appears to be RF and the pseudo is correct for that.  But when uploading via the image manager how do I change the psuedo and license if that batch is intended to be RM?

It appears those can be changed after the fact, but the image is at that point already on sale, and I thought you could not change the license after the image was on sale?  Maybe it is just that simple but I'm confused.  Would anyone care to clarify please?

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Thanks!  I have all my keywords already done in Lightroom, so using only 4 is not going to work unless I change my workflow.  It does seem that the license can be changed after they clear QC, but I am still not clear on what happens if something goes live and is sold before I change the license.  Oh well, that's never going to happen anyway so maybe best not to worry :):)

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