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Using Filterstorm neue pro on ipad for live news uploads

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I'm going to start uploading to live news with an ipad and filterstorm neue pro, and I have a question for anyone who's done this before. Probably sounds like a daft question, but  when I add my headline, which field do I use? My possible choices are title, headline and subject. I'm being cautious because I know that with lightroom, I'd use the field "title" rather than headline. Yes, I know I could just go ahead and try the headline field... but if that's wrong, there'll be that sinking feeling when I see my images appear on the feed with the dreaded missing headline. Go on, tell me it's the obvious choice and put me out of my misery!


Maybe the reason I got zero replies is because the forum was down, or maybe because it was sooo flippin' obvious... I just filled in both the headline AND title field with my headline, and it worked. Thought I'd report back in the slim chance anyone else was pondering the same thing - though in retrospect I doubt it :rolleyes::unsure:

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