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  1. Keith Morris is gone? How shocking, it is hard to take this news in. He was a cornerstone of live news and his succinct, incisive comments here on the forum showed a man on top of his game - as did the quality images he made day in day out. I never knew him, but I'm gutted. He was someone to look up to. Sincere condolences to his family and friends.
  2. I have Lightroom 5, so maybe there's a difference. I will edit my post to include my Lightroom version, don't want people reading in the future to use my suggestion if it is inaccurate.
  3. Hi LawrensonPhoto, admittedly I'm using an ancient version of lightroom, but I use the title field for my headline, and it works. Is that not the same for you? Am I doing something really odd with my workflow???
  4. When using Lightroom, you put your headline in the title field. At least you do if you are using Lightroom 5, as I am, so if you are using an older version of Lightroom, that could be what happened to your headline. It's a bit counterintuitive. Without a headline, your images may have been taken down from the news feed unless you got in contact with the news team - I don't know if they can headline them for you but it's worth asking. Can you still see your images?
  5. I'm going to start uploading to live news with an ipad and filterstorm neue pro, and I have a question for anyone who's done this before. Probably sounds like a daft question, but when I add my headline, which field do I use? My possible choices are title, headline and subject. I'm being cautious because I know that with lightroom, I'd use the field "title" rather than headline. Yes, I know I could just go ahead and try the headline field... but if that's wrong, there'll be that sinking feeling when I see my images appear on the feed with the dreaded missing headline. Go on, tell me it's the
  6. Thanks for the spot Nigel... will be interested to see how much this gets me!
  7. I've had the occasional image licensed for $5 - $7 in the last few months. The most recent was licensed to Metro online who reproduced it at a large scale ... for the princely sum of $5.61. And the image is now all over the internet! I do sell a lot of images through the newspaper scheme so If this stays an occasional thing I can just about swallow it, but if these prices become the norm there's no incentive to stay signed up if images don't even get licensed for a sum that will cover travel expenses.
  8. Just saw that SShep reported a stockimo sale over on the March found photographs thread, so I'll repost it here: 06/03/2016, UK, Observer [Review section], p38, noose, S0KM9G, Andy Pearson / Stockimo [Alamy credit only]
  9. Just found out this has sold... sorry about the massive image
  10. Guardian online, 02/11/2015 http://www.theguardian.com/environment/shortcuts/2015/nov/02/britain-oldest-tree-fortingall-yew-change-sex Image: B0DY81 Credit: Edward Parker/Alamy
  11. If it really bothers you, pick the image that you want to appear first and append an 001 at the front of the filename before upload- or whatever would work best with your own image naming strategy... just basically re-name so that your chosen image will be numerically sorted to the front. But as already stated, that won't influence what actually gets pushed.
  12. I am especially unhappy about the perpetual license. This could be the push I needed to terminate my Alamy contract.
  13. Just found a couple of my own in the Mirror http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/cyclist-killed-lorry-crash---5049374 EF41N7 EF3X0E
  14. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2743307/Morning-broken-Britain-wakes-blanket-mist-four-days-warm-weather-highs-24C-way.html A couple of mine made it onto the above Daily Mail UK Weather article, as did E720C8 © ALANDAWSONPHOTOGRAPHY/Alamy Live News, which has already been reported on this thread as a sale in The Times. Jammy! Mine are E720D6 and E72153, all three credited to Alamy Live News only. *EDIT*: ALANDAWSONPHOTOGRAPHY has two others in that set... E72492 and E7214K .... great images and triple jammy with knobs on!!!
  15. I suspect that the presentation of category pages work like this. Alamy put together a lightbox of images from that category, images that they have curated from the whole collection. That lightbox may consist of several pages of images, and they are the first images that are presented to you if you just scroll down. And then when you keep scrolling and get to the end of the lightbox images, you get images that are ranked well for the category keyword, all presented seamlessly. And of course you can also search by keyword within the category. This is just a guess, but it's what I assumed when I
  16. I also keep a lens hood on to protect against knocks and weather, but store the camera in my bag with the hood reversed. Once or twice I've grabbed my camera out of the bag as it is, to start shooting immediately and the reversed hood has completely got in the way. I can't access the zoom and the damn thing catches on my fingers while I'm working. It's never stayed reversed for long. Don't these people find it a problem? I'd far rather take a couple of seconds to fit it correctly.
  17. Guardian Online Tues 29th April http://www.theguardian.com/healthcare-network/2014/apr/29/malnutrition-help-support-information-sources Image: A7TF30 Photographer: Andrew Fox Credit: Andrew Fox/Alamy Guardian Online Sat 26th April http://www.theguardian.com/teacher-network/teacher-blog/2014/apr/26/secret-teacher-examining-students-test-pupils-school Image:AP0HG4 Photographer: David Burton Credit: Alamy only Guardian Online Friday 25th April http://www.theguardian.com/teacher-network/teacher-blog/2014/apr/25/free-schools-headteachers-teachers-school-sports Image:C54RJP (slightly cr
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