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bug in date range search causing lost hits?


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There appears to be a bug in the custom date range image search tool which must be causing lost hits:


If you search for an image which has been dated to a specific year only and so search in a date range between the first and last days of that year - you do not get the expected hits.


It is possible to lose hits if the search range starts on the 1st Jan of the year in question and / or the range ends on the 31st December.


I found that I needed to extend the date range beyond the year boundaries for this to work which seems wrong to me and I expect this will lose sales.


There is a similar wrong behaviour with 'before' (and presumably 'after') range searches.


As an additional comment - it would be handy to be able to search in a particular year or year range in the custom search tool instead of having to enter full dates?



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