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Hello All:


I would like to fully understand what re-rank is, when does it occur, how to know when it has occured, what affects it (e.g. CTR), and everything else that one would like to add.


I am asking because I have many images of a particular topic, and when I do a keyword search of that topic, it seems that the order of images has not changed for months. I would think that changes would periodically occur, but I don't see any, even with a different browser, on a different computer, resetting my browser, etc.


So, any intelligent information is welcome!


Thank You. Patrick.

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While Alamy claim that they are "tweaking" the search engine and letting it "bed in" (whatever that means), I too have seen no change in search position for the last few months.

Alamy have a lot of work to do in fixing the search engine, but there is no evidence they are doing anything at the moment.


If things settle down, there may be a re-rank of pseudonyms (ostensibly every 100 days, but that's gone by the wayside).  Like the search engine itself, ranking is a secret sauce only Alamy knows about.  The more zooms (CTR) and sales images in a pseudo receive, the higher the rank.  This would make sense, but what actually applies at the moment, I'm not sure.

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