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Allan and riccarbi:   


This is great discussion!  Maybe not totally inline with primary topic of this thread, but I find it very interesting as I love talking photography  much more than tags, lol


It is true I am primarily landscape photographer, simply because I spend large part of my life outdoors so it is natural.   But other things appeal too, mostly anything that sends strong message. I.e if you can stop and be captivated regardless if it is mountain scenery, food dish or madras in Morocco -- photo is successful.


I regard lines in light of the above.  If 'crookedness'  makes image more interesting or appealing, I will leave it.  Strong point riccarbi makes comes someone who is specialized in architectural photography, so he clearly looks at things from different level;   for me that was simply a travel photo I thought someone might find interesting so I uploaded it (with almost no editing at all).   As far as sales go (if I ever get any here, LOL) -- customer can always straighten anyway he/she likes, correct?

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