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  1. This is probably #1 newbie issue, so I apologize in advance. I was hoping this great community could advise. I've been on Alamy ~2 months. No sales, and from Alamy Measures - no zooms and single (1) view for each photo. I have just over 120 images on sale now. Large part are landscapes, for which I know Alamy is not the best market, but not all of them. There is also geographic variety from all over the world. My QA rating is 3 star; had no problem with initial passing and I am very careful what I submit. I also don't spam; it would be easy to send 10+ images showing more or less the same thing, but what for? I don't think tagging is the problem; I can find my own images entering most logical search strings. (love the new Image Manager btw!) For comparison, about the same time I joined Alamy I also joined Shutterstock. I know these 2 sites are like apples and oranges, but I am getting regular daily downloads on Shutterstock. For instance, this photo sold 6 times (on Shutterstock): http://www.alamy.com/stock-photo-full-moon-over-lake-minnewanka-130807708.html I also had on-demand downloads (on Shutterstock), i.e: http://www.alamy.com/stock-photo-shadows-and-light-129593449.html I also have personal site: http://autumnsky.zenfolio.com/ -- it is more for recording of my outdoor/travel pursuits, but large part is photography for which I am getting lots of interest/praise in local communities. So my question is: What am I doing wrong on Alamy? Again, I realize I have (very) low amount of photos; there are better photographers (some really amazing photos here!); I probably don't shoot for what is big part of Alamy customer base, most newbies in their 1st year have only couple of sales, etc etc. But I'd expect in 2 months at least more views. Any feedback is greatly appreciated!
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