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Press cards for regular Alamy news feed contributors

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UK Press Cards are issued through one of the 17 gatekeepers organisations - http://www.ukpresscardauthority.co.uk/.


The Most Likely to issue Press Cards to Freelance Photojournalists are British Association of Journalists and National Union of Journalists Both will require you to prove that you submit images through a reputable News Agency and may require proof of Publication of News Images. this will usually be in the form of a letter from said Agency and links to published images.


Premieres and other such events will always provide the best spots to the biggest agencies and as such there is usually a draw system, obviously bigger premieres with huge stars will be more overly subscribed by the bigger agencies with more clout.


Any event that requires accreditation will require a recognized press card, although it is still possible to photograph premieres and the like from crowd pens however a long wait may be required to ensure a front row position.


You will often find that some of the nice family shots of people enjoying the sunny weather are just that......The photographers family.....!!!! in some pictures I have seen it is quite obvious. so if you don't have willing subjects, don't get too worried if you get hassle when trying to photograph people in the park, treat it like street photography either be discreet and capture people unaware or ask permission first.



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