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  1. Yes I do know the system but I have not been with another agency who would let sales payments slide for 6 months. I'm sorry but Alamy are aware of these sales but are doing noting to chase them up. I have even worked directly with newspapers on sales and they generally pay within 3 months so why is it it has taken Alamy are taking over 6 months. It almost feels that if you do not chase up your own sales then Alamy appear to miss quite a few. Not a very good system
  2. Having with a number of other Reputable Agencies I can honestly say that Alamy Is by far the worse at paying contributors. I made sales on Boxing Day 2015 that have only just started to show up as payments. There ability to register sales is quite shocking and appears very hit and miss. Most agencies use an electronic system to track usage Alamy appear to use tea leaves or some other unbeknownst method . I had to challenge their misses and these uses were in majoy national newspapers Alamy claim that they pay contributors when they get paid. How is this the case when my account shows a
  3. Hello Made Sales on Boxing Day of the Floods in Tonbridge one in "The Sun" and one in "The Star" can anyone tell me how long these usually take to show up in My Alamy and any idea how much. Happy New Year Duncan
  4. Not really sure why Alamy does not have the clout in news given its event coverage, I see very few images in Papers given that every event usually has an Alamy photographer in attendance. ???????????????
  5. Just Wondering how important is Keywording for News Feed Images, I don't do this for my other agency and still make regular sales however I have made very few salse via Alamy and wondering if this might be the reason why Regards Duncan
  6. UK Press Cards are issued through one of the 17 gatekeepers organisations - http://www.ukpresscardauthority.co.uk/. The Most Likely to issue Press Cards to Freelance Photojournalists are British Association of Journalists and National Union of Journalists Both will require you to prove that you submit images through a reputable News Agency and may require proof of Publication of News Images. this will usually be in the form of a letter from said Agency and links to published images. Premieres and other such events will always provide the best spots to the biggest agencies and as such t
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