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New IM requests

John Crellin

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Really pleased with new IM and as I am in the middle of an uploading catch-up I am gaining experience quickly!




Frustrations for my workflow:


1 I would really like to have some options for the order of the images selected - specifically ordering by MY name - that will help a lot with trying to assign categories!


2 Discoverability - with my type of image (and maybe lack of lateral thinking) I cannot usually achieve ANY change in the discoverability bar which comes in as yellow for most on keywords alone - no way to quickly tell which images I have worked on! (Surely assigning some supertags ought to make a change of some kind in the bar).


3 I cannot even see my name in full for images displayed at low width - it doesn't appear anywhere when I select the image or zoom it even. I need these sometimes to refer back on details.


I'm assuming I cannot be totally alone on these...


John Crellin



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