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I have taken a new approach by minimal keywording but its hard to capture the essence of an image with a few keywords


I just dont want to spam nor get my image to mismatch a search, which is practically impossoble


But how would you keyword this D7C3N4 for example? Did I take the right approach?


Thank you

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I don't know how minimalist you're going, but if those are only keywords added there's at least one missing: "son"


But "small" and "child" would also be used.


I think it's also relevant that the game is about a car or auto driving simulation

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What are your thoughts on minimalist keywording?


This is an issue I debate with myself too.


Although I do not spam keywords I tend to add secondary and even some tertiary level keywords to my photos. This ends up creating enough keywords to fill the Main field and even put some in the Comprehensive.


The problem is that we don't know which words are going to be used by buyers, especially when we're talking about an agency with global reach. If alamy was an UK only agency with could get away with "Lorry" only, but in this case we must add "Truck" too because of US and the rest of the world which suffer more influence from the US English. So, in this type of things you end up adding some more words when you know the differences between UK and US.


But worse is when we're talking about the non-english speaking countries and buyers from there. For a particular word that's probably the most used by UK and US buyers you need to put some synonyms since you don't know if someone from France, Germany or Portugal is going to use the most common word. It's quite possible that a less used word will be searched because the lack of knowledge the buyer has about the English language. Not to mention possible on-line translators uses. So some more synonyms are added.


In my case, that photograph a lot of historical architecture, there's always the question about the architecture style, the materials used in the construction or objects, the colour, the religion, the religious order, but also the weather, etc., etc., etc.


I'm quite confident that 95% of the keywords I add to most of the images will never be used, but how can I be sure that all people will search for Mafra Palace, and that no one will search for Franciscan Baroque Convent?


I've been also tempted to reduce my keywords to a minimum, but it's quite hard in many cases to determine what is a minimum.

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