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I have been browsing around looking for some software to host my own photos.  Came across the Wordpress template Photocrati.


Some nice themes and you can do print and digital sales.


Anyone here use it?



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Yes, I do use it on a site I'd nearly forgotten about here -> arthebrides.com . This particular website has been a 'work in progress' for several years where not much progress has been made :-) I do however get the odd sale from it even though it has never been promoted. 


Photocrati does seem to work well but like most wordpress plugins it suffers from being a little awkward to alter if you want to customise pages. It has however always been one of the better photography orientated templates and has been around a long time.


I'm currently musing on integrating this site with the POD and framing services offered via The Printspace Hub........this may also be a work in progress for a while, there's not enough hours in the day!



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