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Excessive credit terms


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I've just chased up an image which appeared in print in August, to get the usual reply from MS that they'll refer it to the client.

Previously this client has not apparently had an account, or been allowed to self-report, as my last sale to them was reported before publication. I've pointed out that they seem to be using the privilege just to get an extra 4 months' credit, even though they only use a handful of Alamy images a year, and I've asked for the policy to be reconsidered.

I won't name the client but it's drink-related and sounds like a piece of photographic equipment.

Any other egregious examples?

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No point in a general moan. It was a particular example that I could point to of an apparent change of behaviour after getting a credit account. The newspaper scheme at least offers a certain amount of volume but it seems a bit unnecessary to let an occasional user take advantage. The magazine is only quarterly and there are never more than a couple of library images in an issue.

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