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Gerard Le Kay

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I am a photographer based in the Eastern Cape, South Africa. A short distance from where Mandela was born and buried.


The area is rich in culture and natural scenery. The landscape is littered with villages with hut dwellings.


Does anyone have suggestions on what kind of stock I can draw from here that would be popular?





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Hi Gerard.

I'd suggest that you use "Alamy Measures" "All of Alamy" - and write % before your search of customer searches of South Africa (no space) - then you will see what customers have searched for. The % sign means that these words need to be in the searched key words.

F.inst. a search of

%cape town

reveals a number of interesting results

After some time you will get your own idea about what to shoot. Think creatively and try some weird ideas. Be sure to key word your images correctly and adequately when they are approved.

You will find "All of Alamy" by clicking the grey box "Alamy Measures" in the lower region of your "My Alamy" - use "All of Alamy" and enter your search in the search term field.

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