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I realise I must be getting on everyone's nerves with this, but I'm getting more and more angry.

I early Jan, I realised that I have many unpaid uses on one particular image on the Daily Muddle and its sister website.

CR confirmed the uses weren't reported or paid for, so sent me a form which I wasted an hour filling in with all the details of each individual use, returned the form, then I got a reply saying I hadn't to contact CR about it again, it was in the system.

Over nine months later, I haven't heard a word about it.

Yesterday it happened that two low value sales for that same file came in, relating to uses in August, and sure enough I can identify one on the DM site for August and one on TIM.

However, as it happens, I'd had no reported sales on that file since Jan, which considering the large numbers previously made me slightly curious, so I did a GIS and already on the first three pages of many I found unreported uses of the file on both sister sites from earlier in the year.

I'm getting a bit sick of this. It's almost certainly happening all the time, and they're just getting off with it.


I'm really tempted to do a big trawl of all the unreported uses of this file on these sites and send them an invoice for the rack rate; however I suspect Alamy wouldn't like this - but OTOH, it's almost like they're condoning the behaviour.

What should we do about this? I'm sure I'm by no means the only one.

Meanwhile the pic is being ripped off these sites and used all over the world, unpaid for, on these first three GIS pages alone I saw unpaid-for uses in Nigeria (!), Poland and Singapore this year.

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I think what happens with these multiple newspaper uses, is they download it once, and it gets added to their own in house picture libraries, then another journo uses it without checking the terms under which it was used the first time. 


Document all the DM related uses and dates, and the recorded sales, and contact contributor relations about the discrepancies.


Touch wood, in the last few months the newspapers seem to be reporting more accurately.

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