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Those missed photo opportunities

Jill Morgan

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2 hours ago, GS-Images said:


While it's legal to photograph children in the UK in public, I think there's a fine line between what's morally right and what isn't. I find myself questioning where that line is often, and from the filthy looks I only see once reviewing my images, the parents are rarely happy about me pointing a camera at their children. I had the police called on me once too. When it's obvious I'm photographing children at close distances, I'll ask the parent first, as I feel that's the right thing to do. I don't believe in always hiding behind the strict letter of the law to justify what I do. I should add that when asking if I can take a child's photo, the answer has always been no, while adults I've asked usually (not always) say yes.


My photographic world is child-free too (apart from family pix). Never mind what the law says, I really don't want an argument with an angry mother. When I'm around kids, the camera goes over my shoulder. Kinda sad, really...

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