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Should I consider this as copyright infringement

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I sold a photo through Alamy a few years ago that was used for the movie poster, some online downloadable wallpapers and it was also used for the DVD cover.  The license included all those uses.  Now however I find two images on Alamy of the movie posters where My image was used.  Specifically in the poster they used Caesars Palace hotel and the Bellagio hotel  fountains in Las Vegas in a photo collage.  I am wondering if that could be considered infringement or should I just forget about it.  One other consideration for anyone that is worried about not having property releases, in this case releases were obviously obtained after the fact.  Here are the two movie posters and my original below.  It doesn't appear the posters were from the production company but I would have to contact member services to find that out.





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Given how small a part of the new images your original image is (buildings and fountains which are very much in background), I'd forget about it, especially as you were paid for the original usage.


Those who own the copyright to the poster might have a claim though. The image on Alamy (DXE31D) appears be a straight copy of their work

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Thanks for your input guys.  I will remain philosophical about this and just consider it as part of the great circle of life in the stock photography world.  Sort of like the earth child off spring of my original photo come back to bless us all with its presence due to the all inclusive license granted by Alamy.  I was well compensated so I shouldn't complain.  I was just curious how it should work.  At one point in time I was looking for a poster to buy just to have and it seemed like there were a lot of bootleg versions of this floating around on the internet so was thinking this might be one of them.  I suppose its not up to me to worry about it.  This was the original license below.


Country: Worldwide
Usage: Advertising and promotion
Media: Movie posters
Industry sector: Entertainment & Leisure
Print run: unlimited
Image Size: up to 1/4 area
Start: 12 April 2013
End: 12 April 2016
Worldwide, All Media, In Perpetuity, Unlimited Print Run

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