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Trouble converting video HD 1080 p 50 fps to 25 fps

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I recently purchased the Panasonic X - 920. I'm shooting HD 1920x1080 p, 50 fps which is not currently accepted by Alamy.


I'm using Premier Elements 10 for editing and I'm having difficulty figuring out how to:


1. Convert to HD 1080 (p) 1920x1080 25 fps (accepted by Alamy)

2. export edited clips to the required QuickTime .mov standard


If anyone has faced the same conversion/export problems using Elements I would appreciate your advice or suggestions.









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Why not download "mpeg streamclip" (it's free)from here: http://www.squared5.com/

. That's what I've been using for all my video editing.  Just open your movie in mpegstreamclip and after editing click on file on the top tab and select from the drop down list "export to QuickTime".then I always set the compression to H.264 at 100% quality and there's an option box to set frame rates, then when ready select make movie.



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I had similar issues last summer when trying to prepare clips to meet Alamy requirements from my Panasonic X900. 


In short I gave up because I tried free versions of many software packages far superior to Premier Elements and simply couldn't do it without significantly lowering the quality of the video.  I submitted a clip to two companies stating Alamy's requirements (one was Sorensen Media) and they simply couldn't do it.  I gave up on Alamy's submission requirements and the fact Video was not open to me and uploaded to Pond5 instead. 


I am not technically savvy enough to explain why but if you set the output from the X900 to the highest setting (ie 1080/50) you will be stuck.  Changing the frame rate and trying to export in Quicktime .Mov from Panasonic's native file type leaves you with a very dull looking image with what looks like pixelation (still photography expression but the best way I can describe it).



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