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  1. I got the same payment but only one $15.31. No idea what it is though. Maurice
  2. National Geographic (Archeology and History) online 29th Oct 2018 One of mine that looks SO much better coloured like this. Maurice Savage C8R5G3
  3. I just did but still a bit confused/stunned/annoyed. I've received marketing/promotion emails from them right up to three weeks ago on my primary email address but the last reminder went to a now closed website email address in March. Aarrgghh!!
  4. Kids Discover America: Heritage and Culture (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company) D942YD David Grossman: p.12 top right (Memorial Day parade); BTJTC5 Everett Collection: p.4 top right (Fort McHenry); BBP4P0 Maurice Savage: p.16 bottom left (Delaware license plate); CB5FN1 Kevin Shields: p.13 middle center (Fourth of July); EX05PP Image Source: Kinzie+Riehm: p.4 bottom right (Pledge of Allegiance); DRN6J5 Shotshop GmbH: Niday Picture Library: p.12 bottom left (George Washington); (May not be this one as cropped other versions of the painting in the same collection) AE
  5. Daily Mail online 1st March 2017 AF600N Greg Balfour Evans Windsor Castle and the River Thames http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4271828/Chef-arrested-Windsor-Castle-cannabis-production.html Maurice
  6. Daily Mail online (still using Alamy?) CFHBFR Geoffrey Robinson Job Centre Plus queue Cambridge http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4208682/Fraudsters-claim-110m-year-lying-single.html Maurice
  7. Daily Mail online 21st December 2016 (reported use of my own image for a second time in Dec even though I thought DM were no longer using Alamy images) B8P822 Maurice Savage Post Office sign http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4055768/Christmas-discontent-continues-Post-Office-cash-handlers-announce-48-hour-strike.html Maurice
  8. Daily Mail (online) 4th December 2016 Maurice Savage B8P822 http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3998162/Thousands-Post-Office-workers-plan-five-day-walk-pensions-dispute.html This is my own image which I would normally just take a personal screen shot of but it was used in the Daily Mail... Maurice
  9. BBC History Magazine December 2015 edition P80 Davy lamp A7KGP1 Chris Howes/Wild Places Photography P80/81 Big Pit National Coal Museum, South Wales B6X917 Robin Weaver P82 Big Pit National Coal Museum South Wales BETTGJ Our Wild Life Photography P82 Big Pit National Coal Museum South Wales DD9W2G Guy Bell P82/83 Big Pit National Coal Museum South Wales BETWHP Our Wild Life Photography P93 Rushton triangular lodge, Northamptonshire AY18RD Steve Taylor ARPS Maurice
  10. BBC History Magazine April 2015 edition (UK) P18 Tomb of Edward II Gloucester Cathedral BC85K3 Angelo Hornak P82 Emmeline Pankhurst Centre BPPMGP jozef mikietyn Maurice
  11. History Revealed magazine April 2015 edition (UK) P14 Guillotine cut out of DDYDEX Heritage Image Partnership Ltd P47 Cannon balls cut out and crop of DHNB56 Arterra Picture Library P49 Butte de Lion and information pane BGFMH4 Arterra Picture Library P53 Anglo Saxon helmet BNG7W9 Tim Gainey P57 Acropolis at sunset, Athens, Greece (looks like a crop of this one. May not be from Alamy) EJ6TD8 Sergey Borisov P62 Alexander Selkirk statue extreme crop of either BFB0F9 or BFATR5 Ian Paterson P62 Woodes Rogers statue extreme crop of APY953 M. Timothy O'Keefe P63 Robonson Crusoe i
  12. BBC History Magazine January 2015 edition P80/81 Remains Of St. Nicholas Church Wallingford BRBM1C Graham Mulrooney P82 Remains Of St. Nicholas Church Wallingford A81T9R Neil Setchfield P82/83 The bridge over the River Thames at Wallingford, Oxfordshire, UK CY99XG Stephen Dorey P83 Statue and houses over shops Market Place Wallingford England AEAHK3 Nikreates P86 Juno Temple at the Valley of temples Agrigento Sicily AHM8MR Yadid Levy Maurice
  13. BBC History Magazine Christmas 2014 edition P32/33 Bodiam Castle AR67E9 The National Trust Photolibrary P34 Montgomery Castle, on Castle Hill, Powys, Mid Wales CY1A6R David Gowans (isolated srop but looks like this one) P34 The Kings Tower at Knaresborough Castle D9FWTY Robert Harding World Imagery P36 Warkworth Castle Northumberland A6ERM2 Skyscan photolibrary P38 The great hall and the round table in Winchester Castle DYDFBE Loop Images Ltd (looks like a crop of this one) P70 England, London, British Museum, Egyptian Room, Display of Egyptian Mummy CTHDW6 Steve Vidler P91 E
  14. History Revealed magazine December 2014 edition P3 The Matthew in Bristol BXWF28 Southwest UK Imaging P4 & P90 Coldrum Longbarrow Neolithic megalithic long barrow CT3YKM Yon Marsh P81 Iron manacles B8E6J3 Kypros P81 St. Margaret’s Church, Westminster CC69AH Paul John Fearn P87 Memorial to German Colonel von Stauffenberg AXCRDG German Images David Crossland P90 Entrance to the West Kennet Long Barrow C4WEGD Maurice Savage P90 Inside West Kennet Long Barrow BEX446 Fernando Zabala P91 Aerial view of West Kennett Long Barrow E5AP97 John Henshall P92 All Cannings long barrow
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