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Anyone using Pro Stock Master ?

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Been using ProStockMaster (http://prostockmaster.com/) for a few years but I think it now requires you to pay a monthly fee to use it.


Just wondering if anyone else uses it and can confirm ?


I don't mind paying for software but I hate a monthly fee, I would rather just buy the software. I don't use the Light Burner side of things on it anyway, I just used it for keywording my images but now when I launch the software it asks me to login (never use to).


EDIT: Got word back from the developer and yes, you now need a monthly subscription to use the software.



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I'm still using the old version 1.9.4 for keywording and uploading. You can still find it on the internet somewhere. Just be carefull when installing and skip the "ad-ware" part. When you start the program you get a message about upgrading but jus press 'no'

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