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  1. As IT'er I use different systems (pc's/laptops) and like to test different softwares. My latest main desktop is dual booting linux/windows. On the linux side I'm mainly using Geeqie/Picasa/Darktable. On the windows side I'm mainly using Picasa/Viewnx/Lightroom. Lightroom is only used as developer if more editing is to be done that can not be done in viewnx. I'm shooting raw+jpegs and my raw's are in one folder and jpeg's in another. In lightroom only my raw folder is imported and when adding new subdirectories/pictures I perform a synchronize. Since a while I keep all raws but the jpegs folder
  2. Most of the time I start with this keyword search tool http://www.mykeyworder.com/
  3. I once received a kind email of Alamy pointing me to my pictures with licence problems. Most of them were pictures where a body part (hand or finger) was seen and I had to change there licence to "Right Managed" as i had no model release. Unfortunaly most of them were also on an other stock site as RF so I had to delete them from Alamy.
  4. Before, i shoot only raw, but lately i shoot jpg+raw (2sd cards in my nikon). i delete some jpg's after a first review but I keep all raws for eventually later reprosessing. If I kept only the files that sold on Alamy I ended up with an archive of 5 files
  5. When continuing using windows xp it is best to install firefox or chrome to browse the internet since support is still given there. "Google Chrome will continue supporting Windows XP until at least April 2015"
  6. Do you get these errors in internet explorer ? Can you try with Firefox or Chrome.
  7. Thank you very much Paulette, Your wildlife pictures are quiet amazing. Thanks. I am certainly having amazing experiences. Paulette And after all this is the most important,.. you have to enjoy it. For me being full employed for more than 30 yr in IT (another old hobby of me that I "sometimes" still like) the goal is to keep my photography hobby interesting. There is still plenty to learn for me be it technical, artistic, commercial, legal, software, social, ... I learn step by step. Submitting to stock helped me to improve my skills and the few dollars I earned helped me
  8. I wrote the following a while ago: How to enter stock and be a happy camper from the start? shoot, shoot and shoot even more. Develop your photography skills and master Photoshop after many years photographing and gathering lots of experience, browse your archive select at least 4000-5000 of your best and most commercial images keyword and turn them into Jpegs copy to external harddisk send harddisk(s) to agency/agencies and then ..... upload more and more images in small batches Decided to skip step 1 to 6 and go straight for step 7 ......????? Fine by me Just don't moan about poor
  9. My 3 sales till now were RF pics. Gross earnings were 70.80$ and 36.01$ net I will try to reach 1000 pics in my port with more RM pics (and better keywording) and then I will do a recount.
  10. Many thanks for looking at my portfolio and the so usefull tips everybody gave me .I got the direction how to improve, where to work at and what to avoid. This is certainly a motivation to continue shooting and trying to getting better at it. Thanks
  11. I'm still using the old version 1.9.4 for keywording and uploading. You can still find it on the internet somewhere. Just be carefull when installing and skip the "ad-ware" part. When you start the program you get a message about upgrading but jus press 'no'
  12. Many Thanks for the possitive advices. The people on this forum are so helpfull, that is new to me. It gives me certainly some motivation to keep submitting. Answering to the question of John, my views a month are more or less equal to my number number of pictures so for the moment around 400. Don't know if this is good or bad ? And thanks Lisa for the advice. I only dare to post just a small amount of my pictures as I'm a bit afraid of legal issues. I do a lot of shooting at events, just for practicing, but never post them Maybe I have to submit more of these.
  13. Thank for your kind advice Rob, Charly and Niels. This is my first post on the forum and now I know I had to come earlier here.
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