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Hi everyone,


Ive had an odd problem uploading to Stockimo on and off over the last year. Sometimes if I edit a picture using standard Apple iOS software (open from pictures and hit edit) Stockimo can no longer see the modified image.


My workaround has been to open in photoshop or snapseed to resave but sometimes it decides these are the ones it dosent like today, an today is one of those days!


Anyone else had this?

Im on an iPhone 6





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hi matt,

I've never had that particular problem & I use quite a few editing apps (ip 6 too). Apologies if I' m stating the obvious, but I take it you're selecting the right folder for the app to upload the photo from? I have a separate 'stockimo' folder I put my finished photos into for upload.

Or delete the app & download it again?


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Back in February, 2014 I submitted a Stockimo photo I edited using my iPhone edit button instead of an App and I submitted the unedited version even though on my camera roll it looked edited. Since this mishap I only use Apps to edit.


From Apple. com




iPhoto for iOS: Edits made in iPhoto may not appear in other apps

With iPhoto for iOS, you can view and edit your Camera Roll photos. After editing an image in iPhoto 2.0, the edited version will appear in the Photos app, but may not appear in third-party apps or when you share the image. 

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