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I find the restrictions process to be unduly complicated. To select editorial only it's necessary to restrict all the other possible uses. It could be one click instead of 21.

Rather than quoting the above statement and debating it, someone here chose instead to give me a negative (which doesn't show because it only negated the previous greenie). Disappointing. Whatever, I figured there might be others who question what I wrote so I'm going to clarify:


To use Restrictions, it's necessary to click on the arrow beside the word All under Usage; click on a category, such as Advertising and Promotion; then click Add which brings up the specifics (All Countries, Advertising and promotion, All Medias [sic], All Industries, All Sub-Industries).

If you do this for the seven categories other than Editorial, that's 21 clicks. Actually, it's for per category so 28. Either way, I was simply saying that I'd like to have the option of a one-button editorial-only click.


To the person who gave me the red arrow, thanks for reminding me that I've been spending too much time on this forum.





Don, you're quite right: it's a pain and should be far simpler.


Don't be too worried about red arrows: apparently, these are easy to accidentally click on when using a tablet (dunno - don't have one, don't want one).  So could be just an error. :) If it's not, then it's not worth worrying about anyway!

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