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When IQ sales were introduced we were told that companies were given bulk discounts but because of the IQ use we would get re-use fees if the company re-used them, albeit at a lower rate. The upside for us was that it would give us a better chance of reuse fees as the image would be on thier IQ database.

Today i have been doing a sweep of my zooms and sales to find any unreported images

One was an IQ sale for $32.33 for magazine print and online use. I then found it re-used so I reported it to memberservices to be told that the customer had repeat use. I then replied to them stating my understanding of IQ use as detailed by alamy originally but they told me.....


"Not exactly, Alamy iQ is a product giving buyers tailored pricing and licenses to suit their specific requirements. For IQ customers, we’ve increased our prices on average for these new deals by over 60%; and this reflects the fact that an image could be re-used".


Hence they ​now have RF use !!! I guess I should be happy for the extra  $20 they got me in negotiating this deal NOT (which I do not believe has been explained to us contributors since they moved the goalposts)




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Here is their reply. The guy basically ignores my inquiry about defining usage and diverts into concern about sales amounts. Im concerned that not quantifying the amount of image usage is basically selling RF...maybe Im missing something here...? Here is the alamy reply:


The sales with which you've seen are Alamy iQ sales,its a product giving buyers a tailored pricing and licenses to suit their specific requirements. Its no different to how weve always worked with customers

but weve made it a bit slicker, improved reporting, and added a few extra features for customers and branded it as Alamy iQ.


There is no standard price for iQ because the product is available to wide variety of customers who have separate requirements. No, your Rights Managed images are not being sold as Royalty Free images.


Your image has been bought and will be used within the license terms specified. Our sales team works extremely hard to negotiate on deals with all forms of customers and always tries to get the best market value possible for each image license.

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Alamy has been doing this for several years now.  Clients who are on these special plans get all rights and unlimited use - sadly, even for RM images.

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