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  1. Here is the Alamy reply....Note they dont even mention the unlimited timeframe that was the point of my inquiry. "No, we’re not selling RM images as RF. The license we’re selling controls the usage of the image, it can only be used in an editorial educational context. There are no advertising, broadcast or consumer goods rights associated with this license (unlike a RF license). You’ll be making more money under this deal. We’ve looked at how these customers are using images and we’ve analysed their activity over the last 3-4 years. We’ve increased our prices on average for these
  2. Here is a license for usage that concerns me with its unlimited duration. How can this be RM with no timeframe mentioned for use? Isnt this another morphing of RM/RF licensing schemes by Alamy? Keith Country: Worldwide Usage: iQ sale: Single company - multiple educational editorial use only Industry sector: Education Start: 25 May 2016 Duration: Unlimited for duration of licence $ 149.00
  3. Here is their reply. The guy basically ignores my inquiry about defining usage and diverts into concern about sales amounts. Im concerned that not quantifying the amount of image usage is basically selling RF...maybe Im missing something here...? Here is the alamy reply: The sales with which you've seen are Alamy iQ sales,its a product giving buyers a tailored pricing and licenses to suit their specific requirements. Its no different to how weve always worked with customers but weve made it a bit slicker, improved reporting, and added a few extra features for customers and branded it as A
  4. To be RM don't you think any re-use or repeated use should be quantified and listed in the sale description...not just given carte blanche...?? I think IQ is basically rf like you say.
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