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News images - unable to process - resubmit

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I just submitted my first news images and I see a message in track submissions that advises "unable to process - please resubmit" which I see means...


  Your images have arrived at Alamy, but we have been unable to process them through our system. This could be for a number of reasons. Please check your workflow and resubmit. They have not reached the quality control stage.


Intially I tried submitting these by ftp but because I don't understand how ftp works and couldn't see my images being uploaded, I closed the ftp upload and submitted via the regular news feed.


Should I try submitting by the regular news feed again?


What might I have done incorrectly?


Thank you.

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You need to "check your workflow" before resubmitting . . . and the most common reason for images not being processed is saving them as "progressive" jpgs. They need to be saved as Standard, or Baseline, not Progressive.



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