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Hey all,


I've been scanning the internet for model release apps to make it easier to get these permissions whilst out in the field. The best ones have a signature facility built in which can be done with the scribble of a finger.


I've settled on one called ASMP Model & Property Release App (American Society of Media Photographers). Been using this for a while but then I just thought, this is an American based company....Would this still be applicable here in the UK?


Can't seem to find any information about it online, so thought I'd see if anyone here has used it or had any issues with using the releases here for work?


Shame to change it as it's a great addition to my workflow!

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This is a great question for somebody studying media law to look into. Certainly, the UK must have something similar to the Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts groups in many American states. You guys also have a sort of photographers union (the NUJ?) that could answer.


Whatever you do, ignore all legal advice from the web! Talk about getting yourself into trouble!

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