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  1. I wouldn't mind the 10% cut if Alamy better represented my work and made more effort to 'push out' stock and editorial images - particularly over the weekend
  2. Hi there, Quick question: Do you need a property release on a building that has since been demolished? It's an old factory which has since closed and replaced with housing, cheers!
  3. Hi all, I've noticed that my Alamy Measures has flatlined and has been on zero for all of this month, (May). It could be that I've had no zooms or sales, though had a sale on Tuesday. It's sat on the bottom for nearly 25 days, which hasn't happened before. Am I missing something or just having a quiet period?
  4. Very nice cover photo from an Alamy contributor - Couldn't find the name listed though: http://www.wiltshirelife.co.uk/current-issue/ I have a smaller image on the inside too, which is a lovely double-Alamy-Wammy
  5. This one slipped past me - from a few weeks back now on the 29th http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/warmest-winter-300-years-records-7465442 Lots of Alamy Live News photographs (mine's the happy lamb one) It hasn't shown up in my sales and we're not credited, so people might recognise their photos from the link.
  6. Online today Guardian (13th) http://www.theguardian.com/society/2016/feb/13/under-35s-in-the-uk-face-becoming-permanent-renters-warns-thinktank B899MT Chris Deeney ....
  7. Hey all, Just a quick question as I'm not entirely sure on this one. Do Alamy have an outlet on Shutterstock selling under Stockimo? Not too sure if they're one and the same - the sites seem to be merging or selling amongst themselves and I've lost track. Just asking as some of my mobile phone images from Stockimo are on there but I'm not signed up to sell through Shutterstock Cheers!
  8. Morning.....I'm experiencing difficulties too uploading to the news feed. Perhaps it's the hangover after the rugby last night?
  9. Hey all, I've been scanning the internet for model release apps to make it easier to get these permissions whilst out in the field. The best ones have a signature facility built in which can be done with the scribble of a finger. I've settled on one called ASMP Model & Property Release App (American Society of Media Photographers). Been using this for a while but then I just thought, this is an American based company....Would this still be applicable here in the UK? Can't seem to find any information about it online, so thought I'd see if anyone here has used it or had any issu
  10. Great advice everyone, many thanks for chipping in. For some time now I've been adding words singularly and didn't 'twig' that the phrases I intended were showing up this way...forgot to insert the comma! So thankyou for noticing that. I'll review these images and start to re-word it based on a description. Good job I don't have many thousands of photos to check over!
  11. Hi all, I've followed some of the regulars advice on here since joining up last Autumn. So would love to hear some advice on the following image which I've hit a dead end with in regards to additional keywords to describe the photo. I wonder how other contributors expand on fairly 'normal' photos in order to make them more favourable in searches. Also, on a similar note - do capital letters on place names make any difference in the search results? Apologies if this has been covered (can't find the info on the forums). Many thanks...and keep up the good work! http://www.alamy.com
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