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How do I best directly link on to my Alamy photos for sale link?

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I am new to Alamy, and I find it a little difficult to quicklly link onto my "Images On Sale". Could someone please explain the specifics as to how I could best link directly onto my "MyAlamy" Images For Sale? How do I get the link to cut and paste to show others so they can come to my page of images on sale and view them? How do I easily go to my image myself?

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MIchael, welcome to the forums.


In My Alamy, there is a link in the grey boxes that says: Link to My Images On Alamy


Click on that and a drop down appears.  Then click on " Learn More About My Alamy Homepage"


This will take you to samples of the samples of the My Images ON Alamy page and in the top right will be a link that says:  "Click To See Your My Alamy Homepage"


Click on that and it will take you to your alamy homepage with a searchbox.  Click on "Images by Michael Keough" and it will bring up your portfolio that is allows for searching only within your portfolio.,


Copy and paste the code in the address bar and put that where you want to add a link to your Alamy portfolio.


I hope I explained that well enough.



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