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It's a nice image - I'm sure someone will click it.


I'm not quite sure what you mean by an image of 0% CTR. Only about 1 image for evey 200 images viewed on Alamy is zoomed within a 1 month period so most images will have a 0% CTR at any given time.

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Hi Southpole,


individual images dont have a CTR;  collections of an individual pseudonym  have a CTR which will vary depending over which period of time you calculate it.


If theoretically, individual images did have a CTR, then for most of us the vast majority of images would have a CTR of 0 as that will always be the case unless the image was zoomed during the period of time the CTR was being calculated over


(CTR = Click Through Rate, ie the number of times images have been zoomed/ the number of times the images have been viewed x 100)


So, you have no worries


Kumar Sriskandan

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