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Selling Images is like Selling Cameras?

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Thom Hogan has written a very interesting Blog post that discusses, to some extent, stock photography.  He is a long time Nikon shooter so his take is directed more toward Nikon Corp on the camera side, but he is a long time professional with interesting insights.


What do you think?


Thom's Blog Post

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"Worse still, fads and styles wear out. Once content becomes too “me too,” it loses that unique aspect that drives it beyond the other similar content. This is one of the problems with using stock photography, actually: it tends to drive towards the center, and it tends to lag fads/trends. It just isn’t unique enough to make the reader pause and fully take it in. If you’ve seen it before, you can skip over it, basically."


This is the core problem for stock photography endlessly discussed on this forum.


Or not.


Sorry.  Fairly new here.  Didn't realize.  Disregard the post.

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